Friday, November 19, 2010

“Yappin” by Huge Mcleod


“Yappin’” by Huge Mcleod

So many times I hear people talking what should be done and not actually doing anything about it.  I’m just as guilty of just talking about it but then I try to remember this, no one wants to hear anyone complaining about a problem but everyone respects anyone who tries to do something about it.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Book Review: The Rules of Work

09-Rules-of-Work It’s about one man's who wrote his experiences in a set list of rules during his many years in the corporate world.  Taking advantage of the unwritten rules of business and capitalizing on people's behaviours to put himself ahead in his career. Most of the 'rules' are basic common sense that we all knew but never consciously realized.  

I recommend it if you are a light reader like I am.  The trick is remember to follow them but I advise that some rules are made to be broken.  It tells me the first thing I shouldn't do is tell people I work with about "The Rules".  I disagree, it should be recommended to those I feel that I want to succeed.  I'm career driven, but a career won't enhance your life and make you happy if you have no friends.  Coworkers can be friends and I think friends are more valuable in your life than any career.