Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Let’s Celebrate !

It’s amazing how fast time flies when there’s so many things going on in life.  With the house build and my career, everything else has been on hold.  I’m counting the days when I’m able be back at full speed with my fully build and stocked studio working on my art. 

Since I cannot work on my origami and designs, I’ve been starved for a creative outlet.  I didn’t realize it until now but Instagram has filled the void.  I’ve received an iPhone 4S for my birthday a couple months back.  With such a jump of camera quality, I’ve been taking pictures of everything and working with them with photo editing software for fun and uploading them.  Now fans are asking for more!  Of course I have the inherit entrepreneurial spirit, I would like to share my photos as well, which lead me to InstacanvasLet's Celebrate

This photo is actually an anniversary card I received congratulating me on my years of employment.   It’s a smile with a “Let’s Celebrate” caption.   After applying the swirl effect, everyone loves it!

This is available to purchase on Instacanvas as well as on Foap.