Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Delivery of the Glowforge

I last updated stating I received my Glowforge in this blog post here

Glowforge is currently focussed to shipping to their Amercian customers.  As a Canadian and who also works in the same industry as FLEX, I anticipated this and had mine shipped to a US mailbox and hoped the exchange rate stays towards my favour when I need to pay the taxes

The past few weeks, there’s been dozons of complains of how the shipments seems come in with surprisng amount of damage beyond the expected wear and tear of gound transit.  When mine arrived, I was releived that the package actually came in good shape

20171107_081928UPS delivered or the mail post box stored my box upside down.  It’s upsetting that those ‘This side up’ stickers was obviously ignored.  I was pretty worried about it.  There’s an internal cooling system and what if that leaked?   What if that put pressure on the internal parts, especially the tube?  Nothing could be done about that then so off we went back home.

Funny though, when we returned to Canada, the officer seemed suprised when declared “Laser Cutter”.  I was a little worried, but he sent us in to pay the taxes and we were on our way!

I’m not going to bore you with any unboxing videos as there were equally excited owners out there who already took the time. There’s two good ones so hyou get a sense of the size

From Tom Stringham.  He recorded with a headband camera

Or from Zach Malloch. 

Since the machine was delivered upside down, the warning note inside stating to read the manual first got shifted and fell into the box where I didn’t see it.  Please note, please:

Read the MANUAL

There’s a specific order to unpackage and set up the unit.  Had I not watched those videos before hand, I’m pretty sure I would have broke something.  The Glowforge in a temporaty home in the family garage.  Due to restricted living quarters, I wasn’t able to set up my studio.  I’ll take those photos when she’s moved to her final place.