Saturday, September 30, 2017

Inktober 2017 Challenge


It’s amazing how life just derails you.  Things has slowed down the last months as I needed to take a break from Cindy Ho Designs.  I wasn’t enjoying it anymore.  I still love the making and designing, but the business side I lost the passion.  When one starts dreading the mundane side of entrepreneurship that is necessary to build a successful business, it’s best to take a break.  2017 has been a little dismal in sales, but a wonderful recharge to the passion.  

Now that I’m trying to “bring it on” again, I’m not sure how to go about it. I want to design, but I want to learn someting new but I’m not ready to dive back into being a business woman again but I want to showcase what I can do to any audience who may like my work, even though I’m always a work in progress.

Then I realized it’s the fall and it’s an opportunity for me to give this a shot. This year I’m going to attempt: 78315df6f0f901f4-weblogo

Inktober was a personal challenge by a great artist, Jake Parker, in 2009 so he could improve and develop his drawing skills and he started posting his work on social media. I first learned about it in 2015 when I started

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to follow illustrators on Instagram when they were taking on the challenge that year.  I tried it in 2016 but failed miserably as I just gave too many excuses not to draw each day. 

I’m going to attempt to draw at least once every other day and see how much I improve from Day 1.

I admit, I’m not following the rules as you are supposed to be drawing something in ink on paper.  The traditional way.  However, I really want my develop my skills on a digital canvas.

Wish me luck!  Please follow my attempts on my Instagram account user name @CindyHoDesigns