Thursday, April 23, 2015

I’ve Never Met a Hater Doing Better Then You


When I first started my adventure with Cindy Ho Designs, it wasn’t an easy start.  Many hours designing and perfecting my work on top of setting up my shop on Etsy.  All the while, having others diminish my goals, dreams and classifying my work as a hobby shop.  In their mind, I started this business because I became a mom and started to make crappy craft stuff for a little extra pocket money. 

They got in my head in the beginning.  Today I’ve evolved and now dismiss my haters.   I have more supporters who love what I do.  My first supporters actually are my Creation family! (my day job)  May of my co-workers follow me on Instagram and asked me to make custom cards after posting some on a whim.   My biggest supporter who really helped me hold it together is my wonderful husband.  Couldn’t do it without him.