Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

Hi Everyone!

Still out with my friends and family celebrating the holidays! Just wanted to take a pause and wish you a wonderful new year in 2011.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy Holidays To All of You!

It’s been an extremely busy holiday season so I have been MIA.  I just needed to take a break and wish you happiness and joy this season. 

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Made it on Cargoh’s Front Page!

Okay, I know I shouldn’t be all that excited.  I think how it really works is that Cargoh uses a formula that gives all listings an equal chance to be listed when you go to Cargoh’s home page AND that front page changes every 10 minutes.  If anyone can tell me if I’m wrong, let me know.

Even so, let’s just pretend that my product got put on the front page it’s due to popular demand! It was a boost to see my listing right there when I went to log in to my store.  Can you figure out which item is mine?

2010-12-05 - Cargoh Front Page

cherry blossom, kimono card- traditional (3)

I’m sure if read my blogs regularly, you’d probably already know I’m a origami addict and guessed it’s the second one. If this card is familiar to you, you might have seen it in my West Coast Origami blog:

My Card was Featured in an Artfire Collection!

Did you have any nice surprises that happened expectantly recently?

Friday, December 3, 2010

CSN Product Review: Golla Sabine Smart Phone Bag

     Golla Sabine Smart Phone Bag in Black

    In this product review teaser post, a few weeks ago, I mentioned that CSN Stores requested me to review one of their many products they offered.  I really needed something to hold my iPhone, IDs and small amount of cash when I didn’t want to carry a purse,  but convenient enough that I can throw the whole thing in a purse or bag without  it getting lost in there.

    I eyed the Golla Sabine Smart Phone Bag for awhile because I liked the flower motif.  Originally I wasn’t going to get it because it was made with polyester, nylon and a had Velcro front closure.  Similar cases I’ve seen in stores looked ‘cheap’ and I really didn’t want to review anything that I wouldn’t really use myself.  However, at a birthday party, I saw the flower design on a purple Golla camera bag.  I didn’t touch it because I didn’t know who owned it, but just from the visual, it looked great!  So I placed the order.


    Quick!  I was emailed delivery confirmation within 2 days.  My husband picked it up for me so I didn’t actually see how it was packaged, but I wasn’t worried about damage since it was a soft item. 

    Visual Appeal

    IMG_0004The flower motif is repeated in the inner cover and even on the back.  The lime green accent colour in lining of both the bag and the front cover pocket complemented the visual appeal as a whole. 


    IMG_0013 (2) The stitching is clean and reinforced where there would be a lot of wear and tear like the belt loop.  Included is a carabiner so you can attach it on your person or purse for easy phone access.   I’m not a big fan of Velcro because over time it wear out.  It’ll be interesting to see how long the closure will last.  However, this bag is supposed to give easy access to your phone, so Velcro is really the best for this design.

    Overall, it was a good choice for me and it made all of my expectations and it’s visually appealing as well.  I recommend it.  They do offer different colours and styles of this item so it’ll be easy for you to find one that suits your tastes!