Monday, October 4, 2010

If You Are Not Happy, Then Life Isn’t Really Worth Living


The past two weeks has been one of the most emotional weeks I had in a long time.  A few weeks ago my friend was offered to work in China.  It’s a unique and wonderful opportunity and I’m very excited for him.   He’s leaving very soon and I’m actually having a hard time with it.  Emotionally, I feel I’m losing my best friend.  I know I’ll be fine, he’ll always be there in my heart and spirit. 

Lately I’ve been burning the candle at both ends both at home and at work and was upset most of the time.  As a result of my sadness of missing my friend?  I realized that what’s really important is to surround yourself with those who love and care about you.  The past two weeks:

  • I’ve been hugging and kissing my children more. 
  • trying to connect with my husband more
  • working hard to spend any time with my friend left before he leaves
  • leave work at work and do the best I can and feel good that I tried my best

Today, I actually felt good, and I know tomorrow I will feel better and soon I’ll feel great.  My only regret that it took my friend leaving to remember something I already knew.  Life gets hectic but don’t let it get in the way to live happy.  If you are not happy, then life isn’t really worth living.

What Important Life Lesson Did You Remember?

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  1. yep, happiness is a choice, isn't it? :) keep doing what you're doing and embracing and cherising moments with those around you but never forgetting those you've had with the ones who are far away. :)

    p.s - thanks for the congrats!