Friday, October 16, 2015

Glowforge: Save $100 for Yours and receive 75% off your order from my Etsy Shops

I haven't been this excited for a long time on any new equipment.  I wanted to expand my designs out of the stationary and illustrations into higher end artwork and practical product. I'm excited to announce that I just pre-ordered a Glowforge 3D laser printer.

If you are already looking to get one, you can save $100.  Use this link to buy & get $100 off their 50%-off launch price using my referral ink Oct 28, 2015. 

** hint: If you are Canadian and drop shipping in Washington, USA for pickup, use your own postal code and you won’t be charged the sales tax. You shouldn’t pay this tax unless you live in Washington State. This way, you just pay the standard duty tax when you bring it back home.

Receive 75% off on your orders with Cindy Ho Designs

If you choose to buy your own Glowforge using my referral link, please let me know by emailing me to I will forward a coupon link that will you 75% the price of any product in either Etsy store (shipping extra) from now until October 30th:

Why did I choose Glowforge?

For months, I’ve been searching for a laser cutter that:
  • will be strong enough to cut through a variety of materials
  • is enclosed to be safe from the children
  • fits on the desktop
  • is easy to learn – which meant going with a brand name

Everything I’d like to have is built in the Rayjet Laser, it would have been perfect but way out of my budget at $10,000 to $15,000. I could have went with $3000 or under with a non-brand name from overseas but knowing there would be lack of customer support coupled with the fact I’m not that technical would have been months of frustration to learn how to use it.  I would probably will throw it out the window or burn the house down. I started researching a diode laser engraver which would have been under $1000, but there were too many compromises on speed and cutting options that I couldn't accept.

Then I stumbled upon Glowforge. This machine fits all my criteria at the fraction of the cost. Rayjet is still a much more advanced machine, but Glowforge is a better fit for a small business. I found Glowforge so late in the game, but lucky enough that there is a 50% presale price going on. The basic is a $3995 machine but until Oct 28, it’s offered @ $1995 plus shipping. It’ll probably be until next year before I receive my unit and when I do, I’ll write about my laser adventures. I hope after a few years, Cindy Ho Designs will grow enough that I can get a Rayjet as my upgrade

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