Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Are You A Manager or Are You A Leader?

I’m frustrated.  Lately tough problems and issues coming to me at once at my office.  I’ve been looking to my managers for guidance and just not getting anywhere.  These past few weeks, I realized that some people will advise you, but not mentor you.

Then I recalled something that happened a few weeks ago, many of our higher ups were away on business.  I had a huge problem and asked an interim manager who seated in a different building in my company.   She took the reigns and got the high level conference call that I couldn't get my vendors to agree to.  She didn’t try to solve my problem.  She knew once I got them on the phone, we could negotiate and agree to a solution.  She guided me to solve the problem myself! 

I felt so motivated for awhile after that incident.  She inspired me to work harder because she earned my respect. 

I realized something:

Not all managers are leaders

At the surface, many think they are one at the same.  I disagree.  

A manager is just that.  A person who knows his or her role and responsibilities and execute against that expectation.  Ensure everyone does their job so you can do yours.

A leader is someone who can influence another person or people to want to achieve a common goal, not only to meet expectations but to exceed them. 

So, what are you?

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