Monday, September 16, 2013

You are Irreplaceable

Seven months since I last posted!  Shame on me!  Here’s a glimpse why:

I work in supply chain in a contract manufacturing firm during the day. The past 18 months, was filled with long hours and struggling with demands of my company’s customer due to lack of resources.  I sacrificed my focus on Cindy Ho Designs

What really happened was I lost track of my goals.  The work life balance was non-existent.  My co-worker recognized how disillusioned I was and sat me down.  She paraphrased a story that she once read that helps her focus.  This story had such an impact on me.  I now keep this story in mind when things at a little rough at my day job.

At any company, EVEN the best companies, everyone is replaceable. The jobs you and I sit in, yes, they are difficult to fill, but if we were let go or quit; in three months, someone will be hired to take our place. They may have a learning curve, but eventually they will do the job just as well as any of us. In a year, we would be remembered as someone who used to work here. After 5 years, we’d probably be forgotten. The company will move on. However, you as a daughter, mother and wife; you are irreplaceable. If today was your last day, the ones who love you most will have a empty place in their heart.  No one in the world will ever be able to replace you.

Are you Irreplaceable?

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