Tuesday, July 6, 2010

How to discreetly make yourself at home at work

 jsin245l If you work in a corporate office I bet you spend at least 8 to 10 hours a day there.  In many cases, including myself, more.  If you are going to be there for the majority of your day, might as well make yourself as comfortable.  These are the few things that I do. I know many of you can’t implement some of these comforts, but look at your own situation and see what you can apply to your work life.

Listen to music

If you don’t feel comfortable leaving your MP3 player out, for less than $10 you can get a cheap pair of ear phones and a jack extension and listen to streaming radio through your computer.  Your favourite radio station probably has a live feed but there are thousands out there.  Just google ‘streaming radio’

I use headphones, not ear buds to make it obvious that I’m listening to music.  I’ve built a reputation that my wearing headphones is a signal not to bother me as I’m in deep analytical thought.  (Basically it better be important!)

Put your feet up

I don’t like wearing my shoes and take them off at my desk.  I often sit cross legged on my work chair.  Now we know that for many offices that’s not appropriate.  So I moved my console under my desk perpendicular to me and put my feet up on it.  It’s pretty discreet and it helps me relax.

Get a mini fridge or a mini cooler. 

Then you can always have ice cold drinks in the summer.  I got creative, I used to work upstairs and there’s a overhang outside my window.  No one can climb up there.  So during the colder months I used to put my weekly pop can just outside.

Bring your own coffee, tea or hot water

Most of the offices I’ve worked at or visited, someone has to make the coffee for the rest of the group.  No one wants to make it or the coffee may be so old it’s winking at you.  If the tea is supplied, it’s usually orange pekoe (not my favourite tea yuck!).  If you are a picky coffee drinker, make it at home, put it in a big thermos and bring it with you. 

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