Friday, July 30, 2010

That 1%

the-customer-is-always-right-quote-unknown-8876 I stumbled upon this blog posting today from SoSherry.

That 1%

What Sherry is saying that if a customer is unhappy, do what you can to make it right, even if the customer is at fault for not reading your policies.

Sherry poses very good points, why spend the energy fighting the 1% customers who aren’t happy?  I’m on the fence.  If you feel strongly about your business policies you should stick to them.  If the 1% is upset due to your own fault, of course make amends.  However, if the customer is expecting something unreasonable what should you do?

How you decide to handle a customer service issue is up to you.  The toughest part is to keep your emotions out of the situation if things go awry.  My experience in the retail sector, I’ve come to realize that for the most unreasonable customers, it doesn’t come down to money.   It’s satisfaction that they ‘win’ over us lowly peons and get exactly what they feel entitled to with no compromises.  It’s frustrating and demoralizing at times when you realize you have to ‘give in’ because it’s makes the best business sense for that situation.

Remember, you are running a business to make money.  If the time and energy isn’t worth the value of the argument, I agree with Sherry, make it right and move on.

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