Sunday, August 15, 2010

My Daughter Turned Four Years Old!

It was last week.  We were planning to host a BBQ but of course the weekend we wanted to have her party, it rained heavily for the first time in weeks.  We ended up having it indoors and made pasta for the guests instead.  It didn’t matter for my daughter, she was so happy just to have a party and see her friends.  She didn’t care if there wasn’t a inflatable castle or a bubble blower.  As long as there was cake and friends to play with, she was happy. 

[Andrew (2)[6].jpg]My brother got her a balloon monkey as a small part of his gift to her.  She loved the monkey.  This is what I love about my brother.   He always knows how make kids so happy with such a simple thing like a balloon monkey.[Angie&Sean[7].jpg]

My sister and fianc√© got my daughter this scooter.  We already have one, but it’s old and not as safe. I like it as it’s designed to grow with your child.

A really nice present was this personalized name train set.  This is my personal favourite and it’s handmade!  It’s proudly displayed on our mantel until we find a nice spot in her room :)


She also got some wonderful handmade birthday cards!  The picture of the cat is actually my brother’s drawing on the envelope.

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