Sunday, October 10, 2010

I Miss My Sugus!


Since lately I’ve been feeling down, I tried thinking of what makes me happy to cheer myself up.  Suddenly I remembered, SUGUS!

When I was small, my family would make weekly grocery trips to Vancouver’s Chinatown.  At that time, that’s the only place you can  buy Asian products and sweets.  If I was good, my dad would often buy Sugus candy by bulk.  My siblings and I would consume them within days.  It was my all time favourite candy. 

SugusWhat is Sugus?  It’s a Swiss brand of chew fruit candy similar to Starbursts but not as sweet.  I only like the original versions that came in flavours of which I remember were lemon, orange, pineapple, raspberry and cherry.  My favourite is pineapple.  They used to come packaged in squares but often I seen them packaged wrapped and twisted on the ends.

Then all of the sudden those China Town stores stopped carrying this candy!  The parent company no longer sold them directly to Americas.  I didn’t notice that at first but as I grew older, I missed them!

You can still get them in Vancouver but they are completely overpriced for what you get and rarely in the flavours I grew up with.

I just have to sweet-talk someone to buy some for me when they travel overseas.  Any takers? 

What is your all time favourite sweet?

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