Monday, October 25, 2010

I’m Not Getting Older! I’m Getting Poorer!

Not Getting Older.jpg 
This is Hugh MacLeod’s Advice based his cartoon:
  • I remember when me and my school friends turned THAT corner, a decade or so after graduating from college.
  • When we were no longer willing to fall asleep to the noise of trendy, inner-city neighborhood gunshots.
  • When we were no longer willing to have roommates.
  • When we were no longer willing to live in one-room closets.
  • When we started taking on things like spouses, children, car payments and mortgages.
  • But all that stuff was expensive. But some of us were more used to winging it hand-to-mouth, month to month, paycheck to paycheck.
  • But the worldly pressures to grow up were far greater than our ability to pay for its ever-increasing cost.
  • "You don't get richer, your bills get bigger", as they say...
  • Some of us figured it out. Some of us didn't. Life is unfair.
I’m one of those who ‘figured it out’ and thought I’m not independently wealthy yet, I’m so grateful of what I have.  I know many people who hasn’t.

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