Wednesday, February 2, 2011

How Young is too Young to wear Make-up


I heard about this on the radio a couple of days ago.  Walmart launching a new line of anti-aging make-up.  Not really exciting is it?  How about I add that this product line is aimed to the demographic of 8 to 12 years olds.  When I heard of that, I had this instant vision of a 13 year old crying in a corner because she lost her youthful look she had when she was 10.

Reading up a little bit, the company claims that the formulas are designed for tween skin and contain anti-oxidants to discourage aging.  Geo-Girl also trying to establish themselves as a environmentally responsible.  The makeup are made from natural ingredients and the packaging produced in a way that is environmental sustainable.

How Young is Too Young to Wear Make-up?

I’m not talking about a little girl who’s having fun copying her mom.  It’s the tween who want to wear it for the purpose of enhancing her beauty.  There’s such a debate of over sexualizing our children and giving the message that they are imperfect.  I read a comment that tween make-up is the same of letting your 8 year old wear a thong.  Seriously? 

The reason why Geo-Girl exists is because there’s obviously a market out there, and parents are buying it for their daughters.  Just like anything else when it comes to raising your children, it’s all about education and it comes down to the parents.   In my case, after some thought, I don’t reject the idea for tween make-up but I also wouldn’t encourage it either.  As long as my daughter doesn’t consider herself only as good as she looks on the outside and I do my best to teach her that. 

It’s not the number of years.  It’s maturity

She is too young to wear make-up when she:

  • is doing it because all her friends are
  • is trying to look sexy
  • is trying to reverse the signs of aging before she’s an adult

The appropriate ‘age’ to wear makeup is when she

  • wants to enhance her best facial asset. 
  • wants to hide a temporary blemish
  • give herself confidence boost on the days that hasn’t gone her way

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