Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I Can See Clearly Now!

I took the plunge and had laser eye surgery.  That’s right,  I paid for the privilege of having a high tech machine, point a laser directly at my head tor burn a layer of skin of both my eyes.

Coal Habour Eye Centre offered a reduced price special for their 10th anniversary.  Some research and positive feedback from relatives and friends.  I had the surgery 7 days ago. 

Okay, it’s still blurry but they are still healing. One temporary side effect is light sensitively. So I’ve been wearing my celebrity wannabe sunglasses on your right indoors.  That’s right, I look that arrogant!


Here’s the evolution of my eyewear. Believe it or not, I had even bigger pairs.  I looked like such a nerd

photo (2)

So am I glad I got my vision corrected?  Even only a week, Yes, I do.  It was worth it.  That and I can now be ‘cool’ Smile

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  1. i also had laser eye surgery back in 2006! i remember having to wear the really lame sunglasses for a week afterwards and i felt so helpless b/c everything was so blurry! but now... all good! :D