Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Boss Kut Gazelle: Placing the Order

When I decided for this machine, the Boss Kut website stated their machine was on preorder and wouldn’t ship until January 1st, 2013.  I wanted the machine before Christmas so I looked around and they were out of stock everywhere!  The retailer I found it at was charging $600!  No way!  So went for the preorder.

The website isn’t as fancy as the more mainstream ones like Cricut, Cameo or even a lesser known like Pazzle with nice landing pages with flash pictures that change every 3 seconds to showcase their products.  To be blunt, they need to revamp the website to showcase their product properly.  The layout is cluttered and there’s inconsistent font type and size.  A retail website is supposed to draw you in to buy more. 


The price was $389 with $30 deposit.

When I did manage to place the deposit of $30, I didn’t realize it but it invoiced me something link $8 shipping.  So I emailed them.  They acknowledge their error and asked if I wanted to apply to the final payment, which I said ‘no problem.’  At the end of it, they just charged me $30 and then $359 when they shipped.

Clearly the company is more focused on their customer service and product (which is a great thing) which does make up for a website but did make me wonder what I was getting myself into. However, I’m convinced this is still right choice.  I’m committed.  I already have the machine!

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