Friday, January 18, 2013

Boss Kut Gazelle: The Unboxing

I borrowed a US mailbox since shipping was free in the continental US. Please note, due to the larger size of the shipping box, I had to pay more in the receipt fee. Normally it’s $3 but I had to reimburse $10 when we went over the border for pick up.

I was so excited and couldn’t wait to open it! I neglected to take take photos. It’s not that much different then what Under a Cherry Tree experienced here. The main difference is her cutter was packed in a big styrofoam clamshell. Mine just had endcaps and was easy to pull out.

Here it is! Yes, I already tested it. The heart was a very clean cut, great on the first try!



Footprint: The cutter compact but is wider then expected. I should have paid attention at the specs. It didn’t fit in the space I was originally planning to store it. Since I’m learning to use it’ll stay on my work table for now.

Weight: Pleasantly surprised how light it is. Roughly 10 pounds. This is a plus when you need to move it out of the way

IMG_3986_thumb6Feel: The pink end caps are plastic and the white casings is powder coated metal. It’s sturdy and don’t feel ‘cheap’. The underside is looks like it’s galvanized steel.

Extra Storage: Before we built our house, it was a pet peeve to store the extra blades forIMG_3979_thumb11 with my paper trimmers and rotary cutters. I’d forget where I put them. The Gazelle has two hidden drawers to store small accessories. The blades are tiny and there’s a security key (will mention in a later post) that comes with the included software so it’s perfect to store them in the machine. If you lose that key, you won’t be able to use the software.

IMG_3984_thumb8Look: I was surprised the branding is a sticker. From my experience in the high tech manufacturing industry, I expected this to be screen printed so everyone seeing it will know the company. It’s good for me though, I like the option to remove it. I’m going to put my logo on it when I learn how to die cut vinyl.

IMG_3982_thumb11There is a minor cosmetic flaw on my machine. There’s unevenness on the inside where you open the drawers. This is present on both ends. Doesn’t affect the machine itself, it’s something that I notice because of my manufacturing background. The door closes normally

IMG_3978_thumb7Blades: When I ordered, Boss Kut included an extra 12 inch cutting mat, an extra blade and vinyl blade as part of the preorder sale. I have an issue with the blades, both in were seal in the same bag so I don’t know which is which.

I’m pointing this out really because something like this should be more clear. What if I didn’t pay attention to the packlist and used the wrong blade?

In closing, I was impressed with the machine because even with the cosmetic flaw and sticker branding, it felt sturdy. Also I like how it’s minimalist footprint for what it should be capable of doing. Next step, setting up the machine!

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