Monday, October 3, 2016

Economical Alternatives to Canada Post

If you are a Canadian running a online business, I’m sure you heavily relied on Canada Post like I have when fullfilling orders for Cindy Ho Designs.  The threat of a union strike this past summer literly struck fear in my professional being. 

What the hell am I going to do now?

Using alternative couriers like UPS and FedEx wasn’t really an option as the prices for the package types I have would have been 5 times the cost.  If I’m shipping a light weight print that normally be $5.00, would you really pay $50 if I shipped it by FedEx?

I didn’t want to stop just because Canada Post Union wanted to hold us hostage to their dispute.    I did alot of research and found two companies that would suite my business needs.  Click on the company name to access both their company websites.  Below is just a short summary of comparisons:

  Canvus Express Chit Chat Express


Only serving the Vancouver area

Drop off location is not on the website but it’s close to corner of Chales Street and McLean off Commerical Drive

If you don't leave near Richmond office, they offer fullfillment services

They will pick up your packages and ship for you for a fee

Shipping Prices

Shipping prices are not on the website

The quotes I received is nearly the same as the US Post

Shipping Prices are same or less as US Post

BC, Canada Only

It varies but the average is:

  • $1.00 for parcel
  • $0.50 for letter and rigidmail

It varies but the average is

  • $0.25 to $1.00 for letter & rigid mail
  • $1.00 to $12.40 for parcels - price dependent on weight

Call - they seem to accept packages on Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays

Didn't get an answer if open on weekends by time this post was written

Monday to Friday
Closed Saturday and Sunday


Which did I chose?

I do most of my shipping with Chit Chats but it’s nothing against Canvus.  It came down to the following three reasons:

  • Location: 20 min drive on highway, less on gas.  Canvus is closer but paid parking
  • Weight of most of my products are less then one pount (500 grams)
  • Convience: They are open every day with set hours

This is the right decison for me.  However, when I have packages that weigh more then 1 pound (500 grams), Canvus looks to be more cost effective.  The Canvus sales representative is helpful and professional. 

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