Monday, September 20, 2010

Back from Disneyland – My Mr. Potato Head Story

We recently returned from our trip from Disneyland and the Japanese Classic Car Show.  It was the most hectic and fun trip we had in a long time and the first with our entire family. 

My sister-in-law, Charmaine and I got Mr. Potato Head toys for our daughters.  A couple of weeks before our trip, she sent me this link to this Mr. Potato Head Collector’s Page that is maintained by Dennis Martin, a huge collector and self proclaimed fanatic just to show what kind of Disney exclusive parts we could get. 

IMG_0104 You can buy the parts and accessories at the Engine Ears Toys souvenir shop in Disney California Adventure Theme Park.

How it works:  The cost is a flat $20 for a box or $47 for a big Potato Head container.  Whatever you can fit into the box or container as long as you can close it, you buy it.  My recommendation is not to buy the body, it takes a lot of room.  If you don’t have one, just buy a basic potato head at a local toy store.

We tried to fill boxes but we found it was too small to make the purchase worthwhile.  Instead, we decided to split the big container.  It was like a puzzle. I love puzzles so I knew I can maximize the space.  Luckily our families were sitting awaiting for a parade because I spent literally one hour trying to fit two of everything into this thing.  I had to empty out the container twice in order to figure out out the maximize the voids.  I felt the gaze of a woman staring and I swore I heard her thought:

“She is not going to be able fit everything in there.”

Disney Potato Head Disney Potato Head

I was actually starting to sweat.  It was so challenging as the hats and feet where the biggest items.  I really wanted all the Disney hats and HAD to get the Stormtrooper helmet.  Charmaine thought I was crazy when I kept telling her, “There’s still space, get more arms / eyes / noses etc!”  She’s right, how many parts do we really need?  I managed to fit two of everything they had except three items:  Woody boots and Tinker bell hair and feet.   

IMG_0533Here’s the most funniest part.  We desperately needed a Costco run and they were already stocking extra toys for Christmas.  We saw another Potato Head container.  This one comes with a family for $20.  It’s the one with the black hat.  We couldn’t pass it up. 



Now we have five Potato Heads, two of them are really cute because they are so small.  For the past three days, we’ve been  playing with these toys none stop because of the many different looks you can get.  I highly recommend getting this toy for your kids because the adults have fun playing with them too!

We now have a vacationing Potato Head family.


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