Saturday, June 18, 2011

I love Instagram

imagesCAXEQ4DBMy co-worker got me hooked onto this iPhone App.  It’s a free download one called Instagram.  It’s like Twitter, but instead of sharing the written thought, you share photos.

It’s real time photo sharing exactly when you want it.  I’ve been behind in my blog writing, photo uploads and Facebook simply because things are busy for me right now.  My Completely Random Photo Blog has been very ignored. 

Instagram is innovative and It’s all based on the notion that a picture truly equals a thousand words.  You can add filters to make them look retro or enhance them and share them with several social media sites.  All in the few minutes you are waiting for your cup of coffee to be served or in between meetings!

If you decide to download the App to your phones, you can follow me.  My user name is cindyhodesigns.

P.S. This is my own review.  I’m raving about the app because I really like it.  I’m spending more and more time away from my blogging and sometimes, I just want to share a quick picture with you!

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