Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Are You a Small Business Narcissist?

One of the traps I've seen from some of the artists on social media is business narcissism.  On Instagram, one user I follow will only like her own photos or any happenstance photos of her products from any of her followers.  Or on twitter, the tweets are purely self promotion or favours others tweets about them.  It shouldn't since it has nothing to do with my small business but it is a pet peeve.  Why this behaviour is bad? 

It tells your potential customers that you only care about yourself.  All you want is them to buy your product.

Admittingly, the last statement is an extreme generalization.  There are industries and professions that your have one put yourself out there.  All artists like photographers or graphic illustrators needs to self promote.  There needs a balance between self promotion and adding value to your readers or followers. 

Only 1% of sellers out there who has something good enough to stand on the own.  Everyone else imitates.

Just think Apple with the iPhone when they were first introduced in the market.  Now smartphones are everywhere.

I don't read blogs or follow those who only tweets about their next sale or write about this great widget he or she invented.  The fact is, there's a good chance I'll never buy the product.  However, when I see posts about tips and tricks, useful advice or just an inspiring piece of artwork, then I'm engaged.  I want to read more.  I've actually led people to some artists I follow and they purchased from them.

The power of word of mouth advertising is powerful.

I follow television news anchor Tamara Taggart and I love her.  She has beautiful kids and she posts up great finds she happily shares where she purchased them to any follower who asks.  She shares both her happy moments and not so happy ones.  It sounds creepy but I there's connection when I see a glimpse of her as a human being, not the serious local news person.

If you have a social media network for your business.  Take a look at your feeds.  Are they shameless self promotion or are you engaging your potential customers?

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