Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Martha Stewart Crafts Scoring Board and Envelope Tool

Last year, I was making a lot of handmade cards and boxes.  Hand folding the cardstock in half wasn’t giving the crisp clean look that store bought parts have.  When I hand scored with a ruler, well, that was even worse because I was very inaccurate due to paper sliding and I got lazy to measure twice.  My sister in law who runs Lucky Charms Cards purchased this same board a while back and she liked it a lot.   There was a 50% off paper crafting tool sale on Joanne’s website so decided to order one.


  • has a built in compartment to store the envelope template so you won’t lose it

2014-07-10 22.56.26

  • has a built in compartment to store the bone folder and will house thin items you may use like a glue pen or erasers


  • In the bone folder compartment, there’s a ‘cheat sheet’ reference for paper sizes to score envelopes for popular card sizes


  • great for projects that require accordion folds like fans or rosettes


  • Large footprint – This accommodates a 12 x 12 sheet and I use this board very often.  However, it takes up too much room on my working space if it’s left out.  I did get around this buy using a letter sorter.  I also use it to hold my other often used tool like my cutting board and my paper trimmer

2014-07-10 22.55.15

  • Envelope Maker – after scoring per instructions, I don’t like how you have to hand cut the notches.  Most of us can’t cut that straight and even though most people wouldn’t notice, I notice how they are not lining up perfectly when folding.


Apply a light, consistent pressure when storing.  Too light of a touch, your bone folder will ‘jump the rails’.  Too heavy will rip your paper

Overall, this is a great scoring tool.  I personally don’t make a lot of envelopes with it as I have an easier to use tool, We R Memory Keeps Envelope Punch Board

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