Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Cindy Ho Designs – New Logo!

We made the decision to rebuilt our house a few months ago and one of the realizations is that I will not be able to support my paper craft and  origami business during the year we build.  I have to par down to a creative outlet that will take much less space.  I’ve always been self teaching myself graphic designs.  It combines my interest in computers and my ideas that I can’t express well into a sketchbook. 

Cindy Ho Designs - Temp LogoI’ve been casually working on Cindy Ho Designs here and there but more of a distraction when I didn’t feel like folding or crafting.  The picture on the left is my original logo.  I know, it’s terrible.  It’s lazy work. 

When I told my husband I decided to switch gears, as always, he’s supportive.  I wanted a simple clean look and at the same time represent where I come from but no idea where to start.  He said I was always been a ‘butterfly kinda girl’.

So I started from there!square  I wanted to bring into my logo of where I came from.  West Coast Origami is a hobby business that I started by accident and it’s been good to me.  I wanted to represent it in my logo.  The fore wing is an abstract origami crane.  The back wing details representations of the ‘west coast’, with mountains, rolling hills and water. 

Learning's From this Project

Ideas evolve.  I originally was going to do just a butterfly, but the details in the wings made the whole picture looked ‘busy’.  I realized that I like to see my name in the logo itself

The most challenging was choosing the colour.  I always thought it’d be purple, but it ended up to be blue, which gives a calming simple affect to my logo.

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